This Toilet Paper Dispenser Sounds Like Chewbacca From ‘Star Wars’

Chewbacca-themed crocs might be one of the most worrisome signs of the consumer-driven apocalypse, but at least they are an official product sanctioned by the powers that be at Lucasfilm. What about the myriad of fan-supported Star Wars marketing goodies that, despite the barest forms of logic, plague fandom in a galaxy far, far away? What about, say, the Chewbacca-themed toilet paper dispenser?

Obviously, it’s not an actual product. The above toilet paper roller is nothing more than a piece of paper with the wookie’s likeness taped onto a normal, industry-dispenser. Judging by the laughter (and the fact that someone is filming said item while probably dropping a deuce), it’s probably housed in a high school or college bathroom.

Yet Reddit user patchfer‘s post about a toilet paper mechanism that, when used, sounds like Chewbacca is understandably problematic. Why? Because some mouth breather will eventually see it, laugh for a few minutes at what’s nothing more than a nine-second jokey Internet video, and think: “This is a great idea!”

To be honest, that’s probably how the Chewbacca crocs came about in the first place. Not because the inventor thought that Chewbacca or crocs were separately wonderful things, but due to his or her sudden realization that thousands of idiots would buy them. Speaking of which, how much for the toilet roll cover?

(Via Reddit)

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