These New ‘Star Wars’ Colognes Will Make You Smell Like A Jedi

Star Wars fans have a habit of taking their love for the franchise to places you’d least expect them to, and today it was announced that it’s now reaching an exceptionally unlikely place. Have you ever wondered what a Jedi smells like? Does your imagined perception of what a Jedi smells like seem like something you’d like to smell like, too? If so, we have some great news for you: Star Wars cologne is coming and pretty soon you’ll be able to smell just like a Jedi.

Lifestyle, a perfume manufacturer from Germany, is releasing a line of Star Wars-themed colognes and perfumes. Their cologne selections for men in the line from a galaxy far, far away will include Jedi and Sith while the women’s perfume is called Amidala. The Jedi scene is described as exuding, “positive energy”, with notes of black pepper, musk, amber, and sandalwood (which is, hopefully, exactly what Qui Gon Jin actor Liam Neeson smells like in real life). Sith contains apple, jasmine, and lime, among other ingredients. Amidala rounds out the pack with “sensual aura and royal grace”, including traces of mandarin and green apple. The colognes are even packaged in bottles resembling the hilts of lightsabers. They’re currently only available in Germany but it doesn’t seem like a stretch to assume that they’ll eventually make their way overseas.

Unfortunately, we can’t attest to whether or not the scents are accurate to Lucas’s intended vision of what the Jedi should smell like. Hopefully, if there’s any error in translation we can get some nice revised Special Editions of these scents thirty years down the line with the necessary changes made.

(Via SlashFilm)