The Internet Whipped Up A Lot Of Mischief With The ‘Star Wars’ Crawl Generator

News Editor

Now that fans have watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters, the only thing left for them to do (aside from watching the movie a few more times) is to recreate the experience. Of course, this could be an impractical and expensive endeavor, so people will settle for waving some lightsabers (and going to watch the movie again). Or they can join their fellow obsessives and head to the Star Wars website, which allows fans to take a whirl with “Star Wars” crawl generator.

This nifty tool serves the dual purpose of delighting fans and providing a passive-aggressive outlet for non-fans. Most of the usage spawns from enthusiasts with a good sense of humor, and the generator has spawned a meme. Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter have all climbed on board. Here are a few of the better efforts, including “the force of rock and roll.”

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