The ‘Star Wars’ Crew Wrote This Adorable Thank-You Letter For The Town They’re Shooting In

06.01.16 3 years ago

Getty Image / Disney

In case you haven’t heard, there are gonna be some more of those Star Wars movies everyone seems to like so much. The most recent one came out this past December and people seemed to think it was pretty okay, we guess. While the first anthology film, Rogue One, comes out this winter, the next installment of the newest trilogy, Episode VIII, is still shooting, primarily in West Cork, Ireland. One would think that a film so massive in scale and production size shooting in such a small, secluded community would make for a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case here. The relationship between the community and the production has been astoundingly harmonious (well, mostly, at least), with locals praising the cast and crew for being so down to earth and respectful. Plus, it’s tough to be mad when the Millennium Falcon is right in your backyard. Today the crew decided to return the favor, posting this letter in the Irish Examiner.

Sure, they may be keeping the set under lock and key and issuing everything from no-fly zones to non-disclosure agreements left and right, but it’s clear that the production crew of Episode VIII is having a great time shooting in West Cork. It’s incredibly cool to see this relationship progress, and hopefully we’ll have some more great set stories for you soon.

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