‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Will Feature A New Female Character, And We Might Know Who’s Playing Her

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Unless Finn accidentally pilots the Millennium Falcon into a black hole or something, we can assume the cast for the upcoming Star Wars sequels is mostly set in stone. Of course, writer-director Rian Johnson will be making a small handful of additions with Star Wars: Episode VIII — including a major new female role, as a galaxy far, far away inches ever-closer to gender equality.

Late last year, it was rumored this mystery role would be filled by Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Belle and Jupiter Ascending, though don’t hold the latter against her), but word is she’s out. Instead, the casting has gone in a somewhat different direction with Bel Powley. The British up-and-comer has appeared in the BBC kids’ series M.I. High, and recently starred in the critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama, The Diary of a Teenage Girl.

According to Making Star Wars, a website that’s usually dead-on with its insider information, the new lady character will be “closely linked” to Finn and the actress playing her must have “crucial chemistry” with John Boyega. Hmm! Seems like Finn might be getting a new romantic interest, which is probably for the best because that dude is going to get friend-zoned with a vengeance by Rey.

Any Bel Powley fans out there? Think she’d make a good addition to the Star Wars cast? Based on the rumors about the character, who would you cast?

(via /Film & Making Star Wars)

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