Want To See The Flashy New Stormtroopers In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Concept Art?

Even more purported concept art has leaked from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. We’ve already seen these spoiler-ish images and Han Solo’s stylish new duds as well as a new design for the Stormtroopers. Now that same source, Indie Revolver, has shared yet another new look for the Stormtroopers. They’d been hearing rumors for months about Stormtroopers with chromed helmets, and now they’ve obtained two pictures of the chrome armor. It turns out it’s not just a regular helmet with a new finish, but a different, more imposing design:

Oh, you fancy huh?

Indie Revolver adds that “the chrome troopers do not actually wear a hood or covering in the film. The metal collar stands up from the torso armor and curves up on the sides before dipping down again at the back.”

And here’s a rougher sketch of the same:

Hmm, maybe it has better visibility so they can aim better?

Via Indie Revolver, The Mary Sue, and @HeroRundown