Everything We Learned About ‘Episode VIII’ At ‘Star Wars’ Celebration

If you were dying for a little bit of information about Episode VIII at Star Wars Celebration, fear not. There was plenty to be had. We were on the scene and managed to take in all the goodies that were brought about for the next installment of the Star Wars saga — and a bit about the upcoming spin-off featuring Han Solo.

Lucasfilm creative exec Pablo Hidalgo hosted the event which gave us a short look at what we can expect from the continuation of the Star Wars saga on the big screen. Director Rian Johnson joined Hidalgo shortly after and didn’t waste much time diving into details, explaining how he immediately went to San Francisco to watch The Force Awakens dailies when he got the directing job. He also sent Lucasfilm a list of films to show his POV for the project, including Bridge On The River Kwai and 12 O’Clock High. The one thing you can tell is how much this means for him, especially when he shares the details of how his father took him to see the original Star Wars in theaters.

“We’re going too see the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.”

Johnson then goes on to reveal that Episode VIII will literally pick up directly from the end of The Force Awakens, “breaking from longstanding tradition” according to Johnson and making those shots we were greeted with a few months back a little clearer. This would be the first time a Star Wars film has started right after the preceding entry, with Jedi likely being the next closest in line.

We got a nice look at some set photos after this, showcasing some of the work being done behind the scenes on Space Bear — the working title for the film:

After taking a slight break for some Han Solo fun with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, John Boyega showed up on stage to get back to the feast and heap a little bit of praise on Rian Johnson: