Han Solo Has Truthers: The Best ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Rumors Making The Rounds This Week

There are always more rumors about Star Wars, and Star Wars: Episode VIII has more than most. Some may be plausible, while others may be wishful thinking, so occasionally we’re going to round up the rumors and rank how plausible they are. Starting with Han Solo’s death, which is officially being truthered by fans.

Han Solo Lives?

This rumor is fairly straightforward: Despite being impaled on a laser sword and thrown down a shaft which then exploded, Han Solo has survived and will have a role to play in future episodes. Or, at the very least, be a Force Ghost.

Plausible?: Carrie Fisher accidentally let it loose that Episode VIII starts with Han’s funeral, so if he is faking his death, they’re trying really hard to sell it. That said, so far, death by lightsaber has been fairly permanent, and it seems very unlikely Han will buck the trend.

Kylo Ren Is Pulling A Snape

You might be asking: Why fake Han’s death anyway? That ties into the other big rumor, built largely on Reddit speculation: That Kylo Ren, angry millennial, is in fact a double agent infiltrating the First Order.

Plausible?: If Kylo really is pulling a Snape, that would be a heck of a twist. But it doesn’t seem supported by the evidence of the movie itself; is he so deep that even Leia doesn’t know? Is Luke really that skilled a spymaster? It’s not impossible Kylo will eventually turn to the Light Side, in fact it even seems likely, but he’s probably sincere about his grandfather worship and dad-stabbing.

Finn Levels Up

Apparently Finn is going to start the movie better off than ever. According to Making Star Wars, he’ll open the movie being cut out of a “bacta suit” that heals his wounds and puts him in tip-top condition, before being sent away on a mission crucial to the Rebels. And, sorry, fans of Rey and Finn romance, it sounds like he’s wandering far from Rey.

Plausible?: This seems credible. Finn ended The Force Awakens in fairly rough shape, and it’s not like he’s going to take up a quiet life of an intergalactic mailman or something.

Rey Gets Stumped

Moviepilot is claiming that, in the fine tradition of the franchise, and not coincidentally in the tradition of Skywalkers, Rey is losing a hand. This is based largely on Daisy Ridley being seen on set wearing a green screen sleeve, which effects artists use to insert CGI, and Ridley saying Rey will be hurt both physically and emotionally.

Plausible?: We’re going to say no. There could be all sorts of injuries Rey suffers at the hands of the Knights of Ren, the First Order, and who knows who else. It could be a dream sequence. She could have her arm injured and need to heal. It also seems to cater to the idea that Episode VIII will be just like The Empire Strikes Back, which is something we should treat skeptically anyway.

Luke Can Take Out A Star Destroyer With Just The Force

YouTuber Mike Zeroh seems to think that Luke has spent the intervening 30 years lifting a lot of rocks with his mind, to the point where he can chuck around Star Destroyers.

Plausible?: The video is perhaps a bit of a reach, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Vader’s secret protégé trashed a Star Destroyer with just the Force. Vader himself has been known to chuck around heavy objects with his mind, and it seems unlikely that Luke wouldn’t be a Force powerhouse just like his dad. Besides, it would look really cool. Why make a Star Wars movie if you’re not going to do really cool things with all the expensive toys?