The Original Honest Trailers Voice Reawakens To Take On ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Warning: If you’re the one person on the planet who hasn’t seen The Force Awakens, the above video contains spoilers.

Well, you knew this had to happen eventually – Honest Trailers is taking on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But how honest are they actually going to be? I know telling it like it is will always be their shtick, but Honest Trailers has lost a bit of their old-school snark over the years. So, is this just going to be a Star Wars love-in?

Nope, because the original Honest Trailers voice is back! Sure, his pipes may not be quite as velvety as the current guy’s, but he’s also a lot more free with the snark. So, while the new guy stays positive, the original voice thankfully brings up just how ridiculously close The Force Awakens sticks to the blueprint laid down by the original Star Wars. But hey, as the new guy points out, The Force Awakens had to satisfy decades of expectations, apologize for the prequels, introduce the series to a new generation, and make enough money to justify Disney’s multi-billion dollar investment. The fact that it pulled all that off so well is still pretty impressive.

That said, all of The Force Awakens‘ success doesn’t make up for the fact that the new Yoda had butthole eyes…

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