‘It’s Always Sunny In Tatooine’ Is The ‘Star Wars’ And ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Mashup You Were Looking For

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01.11.16 5 Comments

Every once in a while, the internet gifts humanity with its best comedy bronze. Like when one intrepid Star Wars: The Force Awakens and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan combined the two in November. The result? A fake trailer for Star Wars: The Dayman Awakens, “a highly expensive film adaptation” of Charlie Kelly’s (Charlie Day) musical. Which is a great idea, of course, but so too is Reddit’s latest and greatest mashup, It’s Always Sunny in Tatooine.

On Monday, Reddit user soniccool96 posted this mashup image between It’s Always Sunny and The Phantom Menace:

Based entirely on lil’ Ani’s (Jake Lloyd) childish notion that “no one can kill a Jedi” — a statement he would later prove false as an adult — soniccool96’s quick Photoshop was brief but effective.

But this is Reddit we’re talking about, so of course somebody had to top the OP. That somebody was user JAnaya, who grabbed footage from the dinner scene in The Phantom Menace from which the quote above was taken. You know, when Anakin and Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) discuss pod racing, Jedi reflexes and all kinds of other prequel trilogy goodies (save midi-chlorians, thank Yoda).

Combined with It’s Always Sunny‘s theme music, credits font and simple graphics, the end result is the introduction to the It’s Always Sunny in Tatooine episode, “Anakin kills all the Jedi.” Considering what eventually happens in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, such a mashup series — if real — wouldn’t last more than this single episode. Then again, considering just how much Star Wars fans love the prequels, that’s okay.

(Via Reddit)

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