‘Star Wars’ Meets The Nightman In This Very Special ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Mashup

Sometimes it is the simplest things that bring the most pleasure. Take this mashup that removes the music from the Star Wars trailers we’ve been gifted to this point and replaces it with “Dayman” from Charlie’s magical play The Nightman Cometh on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sure, there might be some minor fear that we’ll just be watching a highly expensive film adaptation of Nightman when The Force Awakens hits theaters this Christmas. But that fear should subside once those sweet notes fill your ears and the moving lyrics of Charlie Kelly start piping directly into your soul.

My guess here is that Watto is likely meant to pay the troll, but they cut that part out because Watto is a reminder of many terrible decisions in the past. This mashup is not a terrible decision. In fact, it might not even feature any of the scenes from the show, but it doesn’t really need them.

One thing I will warn against is huffing paint before you head out to see Star Wars. Not because of the health effects at play, but more the possibility that you wander into the wrong movie and somehow think Dame Judi Dench is the work of WETA workshop or ILM.

(Via Brown Moses)

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