‘Star Wars’ Gets The Ken Burns Treatment In This Awesome Look At The Galactic Civil War

As you may have noticed, every single thing on this planet seems to have been marinated in Star Wars lore in one capacity or another and that even extends to a certain PBS doc mastermind. Yes, even beloved filmmaking nerd Ken Burns has been swallowed up by the hysteria. (Kind of.)

The Washington Post has put together a super charming video that presents events from the classic Episode IV-VI era in a style befitting Burns. An homage to Burns’ much fussed-over 1990 work The Civil War, The Galactic Civil War offers up a retelling of this seminal sci-fi tale as filtered through a splash of sepia and eggheady historical analysis. It’s the sort of framing that has Han Solo pegged as a “a disillusioned smuggler from the Corellian system who had gone underground to escape a crippling debt, who in just a few years would become a decorated war hero and to his own surprise, a political idealist.” It’s Star Wars but a version of Star Wars that feels in danger of being interrupted by a pledge drive at any moment.

There’s loads to love in this roughly 4-minute video that you can watch on a steady loop while waiting in line for your fourth viewing of The Force Awakens. How can you turn down something that features a stormtrooper’s letter to his wife synced with Ewoks whomping the hell out of their foes. You can’t. You mustn’t. Still hankering for another Star Wars history lesson? Let Stephen Colbert lend a hand.

(Via io9)