This Humane Society ‘Star Wars’ Pug Crawl Is The Most Adorable Charity Event In The Galaxy

Who doesn’t like a good pug? I don’t care if you’re a dog person, a cat person or one of those weird folks who walks ferrets on a leash, you’ve got to have some love in your heart for pugs. They look like little sentient toasted marshmallows! They shouldn’t exist, and yet they do! And that’s great!

Well, the Oregon Humane Society decided to harness the power of both Star Wars and pugs, with Star Wars: The Pug Awakens, a costume pug crawl for a good cause. A record 2,200 people and 800 pugs showed up at the Portland event, and some of the Star Wars pug costumes were pretty out of this world. The winner was Helga the Hutt, who you can ogle in the video at the top of this post.

Looking for more Star Wars pug glamor shots? Obviously, you are. Here’s a Pugcess Leia anybody with a heart would break into the Death Star for.

An unusually short-legged AT-AT.


And, of course, what would the event have been without BB-Pug?

The Star Wars Pug Crawl raised over $28,000 to help care for shelter pets, a record for the event. If you’d like to check out more puggy pics or donate a few space credits to the Oregon Humane Society, you can do that right here.