Did You Catch The ‘Star Wars’ References In The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailer?

Considering how big Star Wars is, it’s pretty easy to find references to it in other pieces of pop culture. And taking into account Disney owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel it’s no surprise we get a little synergy now and then. With the release of the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer we spotted some super nerdy items from a galaxy far, far away.

If you saw Captain America: Civil War, you already know Peter Parker is a Star Wars fan. During the big airport face-off he uses a technique from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back to take down Ant-Man in his Giant-Man form telling Iron Man and War Machine: “Hey guys! You ever seen that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back? You know that part when they’re on the snow planet with the walking thingies?”

They actually call back to this scene in the Homecoming trailer as Peter is watching himself on YouTube while in the middle of class.

Our own Caleb Reading already pulled out the Marvel Easter Eggs in the trailer but I spotted a few for Star Wars. For instance, this item standing next to Peter’s shelf.

It has two legs like an AT-ST would but looks much more like the front half of an AT-AT. There was a set of bookends from Gentle Giant a while back that split an AT-AT this way but this one looks much larger.

And then there’s Peter’s pal Ned Leeds holding that gigantic LEGO Death Star, which he promptly drops into 4,000 pieces.

Peter’s room was pretty sparse in Civil War but his new desk is filled with goodies now, including an X-Wing.

On top of all that we’ve got a few action figures on his shelves…

I see an R2 unit for sure, maybe Chewbacca, but the focus of this shot makes it hard to tell. Could that even be a Deadpool in the middle? Let us know if you can tell the others apart!