All Those Easter Eggs And Hidden Treats From The ‘Rogue One’ Sizzle Reel At The ‘Star Wars’ Celebration

WARNING: This video has spoilers!

There’s no shortage of side stories and offshoots from the main Star Wars plot. Through the years, we’ve enjoyed the tales of the Clone Wars, which showed us a different side of Anakin Skywalker and the Republic. Rebels continues to give us the years after Darth Vader famously shouted “nooooo” which will likely lead directly into Rogue One. So now we’re here, just a few months away from the first live-action, non-numbered Star Wars movie which looks to have a ton of easter eggs and loving nods to the pop culture that’s been cultivated around the series over the last forty years.

Star Wars Celebration: Europe gave us the Rogue One celebration reel to kick off the… celebration, but the hordes of fans were somewhat disappointed with the lack of new footage or details. But for astute viewers like Mr. Sunday Movies, there was no shortage of interesting little tidbits to gobble up. For example: Is a key character based on Randal’s Death Star contractor speech in Clerks?


We also learned that a key character is going to die, thanks to a possible slip up from the actor who plays said doomed character during the celebration panel. So that sucks. We also likely see the Death Star plans that are the focus of Rogue One and are sought after by the Empire in Episode IV.

Sure, it’s not a new trailer, but it’s cool to see what little footage we have dissected into a few healthy slices of hype pie.