The First ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Trailer Will Probably Show Before ‘Captain America: Civil War’

It’s time to tap into that Disney synergy, folks. Much like they did with their Marvel franchises, Disney is ramping up production to one a year with their Star Wars films, so why not use some of their combined assets for promotion? At this point, they could probably just release a poster saying “Hey, the next Star Wars movie is coming out on this day” and they would make hundreds of millions of dollars, but Disney was never a company to half-ass anything.

As such, it is speculated that the first teaser for Star Wars: Rogue One, the first stand alone anthology film in the Star Wars franchise, will air before showings of Captain America: Civil War. We still don’t have many details about Rogue One, beyond its place in the Star Wars timeline and the fact that Felicity Jones and Mads Mikkleson’s characters might be related. However, between a stellar cast and a renewed faith in the quality of new Star Wars films, Rogue One has a better than decent shot at being a great entry in the Star Wars universe.

Still, as with any rumor born online, take this information with a grain of salt. But it seems more than likely that we’ll get a glimpse at a galaxy far, far away before we watch Cap and Iron Man duke it out this summer.

(Via Ain’t It Cool News)