The Stars Of ‘The Force Awakens’ (Try Their Best To) Hum John Williams’ Theme Music

It’s tough to determine which aspect of the Star Wars franchise has taken on the most iconic fame since the initial release. Perhaps it’s the *shhhhwm-wm-wm* sound a lightsaber makes before it slices somebody’s arm off clean. Maybe it’s the vintage hair-bun coiffure that Leia rocked back in the original trilogy, or maybe her metal slave bikini, the catalyst of innumerable sweaty teenage daydreams. The best odds are on John Williams’ thundering score, which you probably just started hearing in your head the second you read those words. People who don’t even like the movies are at least passingly familiar with the *dun-dun-dun-DAAAAAAH-DAAAAAAAH* (another sign of a good score? You can feel the melody from simple nonsense written on a screen alone.) of Williams’ classic theme.

The leading men and ladies of Star Wars: The Force Awakens know this better than anyone, as a new video from Variety clearly shows. At the Los Angeles premiere of the film last night, the trade paper’s Jason Bryant ambushed some of the hotly anticipated new film’s actors and quizzed their knowledge of Williams’ compositions, challenging them to hum selections from the Star Wars score as they trod the red carpet. Some of the actors aren’t half bad — Oscar Isaac really gets up there! — but as talented as some of these performers may be before a camera, they were not blessed with the gift of tune. Greg Grunberg probably shouldn’t lose any sleep over this, though. The guy’s obviously got a decent day job to fall back on.