‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ International Trailer Is Full Of Never-Before-Seen Footage

Unlike some Japanese trailers, this one doesn’t give away the entire movie. That said, it does have plenty of never-before-seen footage, and it does have one or two major hints.

The two biggest moments in the trailer, from a plot perspective, is Rey chatting with BB-8. BB-8 has a backstory of his own, it turns out: He’s waiting for somebody to rescue him, and there are a few hints that he’s been waiting for a long time, the poor little guy. Rey? In her words, she’s waiting “… for my family.” The other interesting moment is that the forest planet we’ve seen so much of in the trailer will have Rey come across one Kylo Ren. And he doesn’t kill her immediately, either, which is curious in of itself.

Beyond that, there are a bunch of nods to A New Hope, with one shot even evoking Luke’s classic staring into the sunset. We learn what happened to Threepio, we see a little bit of Chewie in action, and generally it just serves to get you even more hyped for this movie than you already are. It’s even fun to see Kylo Ren’s crappy, busted lightsaber fire up and listen to it shorting out. Can we just skip ahead to December 18 already? (Via USA Today)

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