Several ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Plot Details Leaked By A Tie-In Children’s Book

Well, this was inevitable. As much as Disney and J.J. Abrams have worked to prevent Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers from leaking, someone (possibly this guy) got ahold of an advanced copy of the Look and Find children’s book based on the movie and posted some pages on Imgur.

We’re not going to upload any of the bootleg photos here (because Mickey has a lightsaber), but we can summarize some of the potential spoilers contained therein.

Obviously, don’t read anything below if you don’t want to know plot points. Granted, there’s no guarantee the children’s book is 100 percent true to the movie, and it could be entirely a hoax. That said, potential spoilers ahead:

Max Von Sydow is playing Lor San Tekka, who lives on Rey’s (Daisy Ridley’s) planet, Jakku, and meets Poe Dameron on the night the First Order attacks Jakku. They put a message from the Resistance in the BB-8 droid and send him (or her) off. At some point, Han Solo, Finn, and Rey are trying to get BB-8 to the Resistance. Han enlists help from space pirate Maz Kanata (mo-capped by Lupita Nyong’o) on the planet Takodana.

According to the leaked images, Kanata is a former mentor of Han Solo. A spy on Takodana rats them out, and Rey and BB-8 are captured by Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie). General Leia leads an X-Wing squadron to save them, while Finn, Han, and Chewie also try to save them before the First Order base they’re being held at — a Starkiller base at D’Qar — is destroyed by the Resistance. Han and company land the Millennium Falcon on the Starkiller base. Which seems incredibly hazardous, but never tell them the odds.

(Via Making Star Wars)

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