This ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Edit Gives Han Solo’s Flashback The Spotlight It Deserves

We’ve already noted how one of the best parts of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is Han Solo’s statement that all of the old stories are true, mostly due to his reluctance to buy them in the original film and also due to it’s slight nod to the massive story that set the stage for the franchise. Now a fan, Nick Skywalker, has created this fantastic flashback fan trailer that takes that scene from the new release and applies a look back at the classic trilogy that started it all.

There’s nothing new or nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s just a nice blend of old and new brought together to create a fairly powerful trailer for the new film. If you haven’t seen the original films, this would be a glorious introduction. It shows you why you should see those films before the new one hits in December and brings the focus back to the story that made people so excited in the first place.

There’s no Jar Jar Binks to be found, too, which is always a plus. My only issue is it has a little false advertising thrown in there with Boba Fett. Since Fett sucks now and has reverted to a clone child that lost his father in a lesser prequel and ended up dying in a dubious manner, seeing him shooting his blaster and looking cool doesn’t really sell him the right way. Don’t lie to the people, Nick. Boba Fett is not cool…at least not yet.

(Via Nick Skywalker)