The Latest ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ Trailer Has Inspired Many Emotional Reactions Online

Drink it in: Humanity has just received what will likely be the final Star Wars trailer — or at least the final trailer for the “Skywalker Saga” that began in 1977 with what turned out to be the fourth episode. There will be many more Star Wars trailers, possibly until the end of recorded time. But the debut of the final ad for The Rise of Skywalker, episode nine in the series’ main storyline, was a bittersweet affair, and not only because it came on the birthday of the late Carrie Fisher.

Social media was Star Wars crazy Monday night. First tickets for the film, due on December 20, went on sale, with everyone tweeting about either getting their ticket(s).

Or their struggles to do so.

Not long after the trailer finally aired, in the middle of Monday Night football. And it was emotional, an end to a very, very long era.

It was also emotional because there was, well, very emotional things in it. For instance, C-3PO giving the team what sounds like it might be an actual farewell.

Some people thought that C-3PO bit looked familiar.

It inspired others to bring back one of last year’s better memes.

Others were more interested in the wee robot doctor tending to C-3PO’s head.

Some had crazy theories that may turn out to be true.

Other were struck by one shot in particular.

There was some criticism. The teased return of Emperor Palpatine — presumed dead at the end of Return of the Jedi — wasn’t universally well-received.

On the other hand: Rylo Ken wearing a cape in the rain.

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