A New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Spot Shows The Strength Of The First Order

This TV spot from Korea has mostly footage we’ve seen before, but it does include some new footage in the opening shot. Namely, of the forces of “The First Order” and boy, do they have a lot of manpower.

Also of interest is what this spot chooses to emphasize out of the footage we have. It’s pretty much all the bad guys in this clip, which is particularly of interest because A) it doesn’t appear that Kylo Ren is among the leaders surveying First Order forces, and B) it implies there’s an “awakening” in the Dark Side beyond just the guy with the jury-rigged lightsaber.

Considering that we also know that Leia receives Vader’s lightsaber, and Vader relics appear to be fairly central to this movie’s plot, it’ll be fun to see how that plays into things. Either way, though, one hopes the Rebels have been recruiting.

(Via HeyUGuys)