This ‘Star Wars’ Virgin Live-Tweeted Her First Viewing And Fell Hard For ‘Space Voldemort’

Much of the world is mesmerized by Star Wars, but not everyone is a fan. Some people aren’t fond of George Lucas’ creations, and there’s an even worse option — other folks haven’t seen a single movie from the franchise. Such was the case for the adorable drunk woman who explained the first film without watching it. A new brave soul has come forward to admit her status as a Star Wars virgin. Then she live-tweeted her experience while watching the original film.

The woman explained exactly how this odd lack of Star Wars history befell her, and it sounds like she was okay with missing the boat, but familial pressure enticed her to take the plunge.

Those initial reactions didn’t sound impressed, but then “Space Voldemort” arrived on the scene. He caused a definite response with his fancy cape.

Her perceptions of C-3PO and R2D2 were likewise hilarious.

She wasn’t afraid to label Luke Skywalker as “whiny,” and you know what? Dude did have an attitude problem in the original film.

Finally, the first film was over as soon as it began. So sad.

Of course, the woman went back for more fun. She live-tweeted Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, too. Her followers seemed genuinely tickled, for a Star Wars virgin is a rare spectacle indeed.