Sorry, But ‘Step Brothers 2’ Is Not Set To Film This Fall In Sacramento Or Richmond

News of a Step Brothers sequel filming this fall in either Sacramento, California or Richmond, Virginia spread on Facebook on Monday. So, let’s just squash that rumor right now: the news stories are totally fake.

The Sacramento item appeared on a websites called Miss Open. It says that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are working on the Step Brothers 2 script together, and that the entire cast from the first movie is set to return.

This is the plot synopsis to the supposed movie:

Few details concerning the plot have been released but insider sources are claiming that it involves the two step brothers, both now with menial jobs, living in an apartment together in Sacramento, California. Dale finds out that he has accidentally impregnated a young woman who wants nothing to do with the baby after it is born leaving Dale and Brennan to raise the baby themselves.

Now, check out the synopsis for the item from Local News 33. The details are identical except for the Richmond, Virginia location.

Taken together, it seems obvious that this is a fake story, but many Facebook users probably only saw stories for one, but not the other location, and took to the platform with their excitement.

Some fans weren’t excited at the prospect of a sequel tainting their memories of the original.

Not to worry, Adam McKay was asked about a potential Step Brothers 2 back in January, and gave a vague, “never say never.”

Good news, because a Step Brothers sequel can’t not include a Catalina Wine Mixer.