Stephen Amell Shows Off Casey Jones’ Car

We’ve already seen Stephen Amell in the mask, but we’re now getting a sense of what Casey Jones will roll out in for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. And we also get to see him politely put a few trolls back under a bridge.

It looks like Casey Jones can afford a Dodge Challenger in this movie:

Well, as far as movie vigilante cars go, at least it’s not some gigantic custom tank. Just as fun, though, is Amell in the comments; just go to the link and watch as he once again earns his rep as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood while tucking the trolls back under a bridge. As Amell notes, we shouldn’t be judging his performance until we at least see a trailer, which will probably arrive by the end of the summer.

Besides, if you want to talk distractions, the other Casey Jones in the franchise has plenty of movies that will ruin it for you. If I have to choose between thinking “Hey, that’s Stephen Amell in a mask!” and “Hey! I’ve seen that guy do butt stuff with Ultron!” I find the former to be slightly less distracting. Not as funny to imagine, but less distracting.

(Via Blastr)