Stephen King’s ‘It’ Remake Has Found A New Director

After Cary Fukunaga dropped out of helming the remake of Stephen King’s It, fans of the book — and that cheesy (yet creepy) TV mini-series from the ’90s — began once again speculating about the possible future of the project. Today, THR reported on Fukunaga’s replacement being lined up by New Line Cinema and it looks like the production will move forward with Andy Muschietti behind the camera.

Muschietti made his directorial debut with 2013’s horror hit Mama, which starred Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The two-part movie adaptation of Stephen King’s classic was supposed to begin production in late June but due to this shakeup, a new start date is unknown as of yet. Now that a new director is in place, New Line will begin looking for a new writer to come in and overhaul the script to fit Muschietti’s vision.

Will that vision still include the involvement of Will Poultier as Pennywise? That remains to be seen, as Poultier left the project soon after Fukunaga did. Still, it’s possible he will return when the concept of the movie’s shooting schedule and budget is more finite.

(Via THR)