This Incredible Steve Buscemi Prank Will Give You A Few Ideas Of Your Own

Things can get a little slow and boring during the dog days of summer, so why not liven things up around the family home with a little Steve Buscemi? Of course, Steve can’t come to your home and hang out in person. But you can pretend he’s a close member of your family by secretly replacing photos around the house with headshots of the award winning actor.

That’s what Kevin Manion from Wisconsin did, switching a new family photo with one of Steve Buscemi every day to see how long it would take for his parents to notice. His sister Clare was in on the joke and posted the results of the prank on her Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

To his credit, Kevin’s dad noticed the picture swap two days into things, but decided to join in on the little social experiment and keep quiet rather than tell his wife. It took her three more days before she finally noticed her children’s photos were looking a lot more talented and versatile than usual. The jig was up when Kevin switched out his graduation photo… isn’t it nice that she still looks upon that one with pride often enough to notice a change?

So for those whose parents are thankfully still off the social media bandwagon, maybe you can prank them too and see how long it takes them to notice the photos around their house becoming Buscemi’d. This whole thing is our new favorite Steve Buscemi trend since the internet started photoshopping his eyes onto women’s’ faces.

(Via BuzzFeed)