Sex, Lies, and Lots of C-Tates: Lets Celebrate Steven Soderbergh’s Best Films

05.24.15 4 years ago 11 Comments

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The Cannes Film Festival is crapped on nowadays by film buffs as nothing more than a chance for actors to release their probably terrible debut movies and for Michelle Rodriguez to kill time before she jumps on a yacht. But 26 years ago today Cannes gave its prestigious Palme d’Or to a 26-year-old American Director named Steven Soderbergh for his provocative (and really low budget) debut Sex, Lies and Videotape. With Soderbergh having effectively retired from directing films (although he’s still got The Knick on Cinemax and he reportedly has his some kind of behind-the-scenes role with Magic Mike XXL), let’s celebrate the occasion by counting down the top ten films he either directed or produced. Just like the Cannes film festival you might not like the list below, but save your criticism until we’re on the yacht and drinking whatever rich people drink (Dom Perignon? Vodka from Dan Aykroyd’s house? Water in tall bottles?) or at least until the comment section.

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