Steven Spielberg Wrote A Fan Letter To The Rock

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We are now at a point where it’s almost universally agreed upon that The Rock — former college football player, former professional wrestler — is one of Hollywood’s most dynamic and charismatic leading men. He can make almost anything watchable, and he can make things that were already watchable great. (See Ballers and the Fast & Furious movies, respectively.) And that’s not just me, a noted Fast & Furious fanboy, saying that either. As we learned in Esquire‘s new cover story, that’s also coming Mr. Summer Blockbuster himself, Steven Spielberg. Sayeth The Rock:

“About three weeks ago, I’m here at the house and I get a letter—”Been enjoying your movies over the years. Very entertaining. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know you over the years, most recently after watching you host Saturday Night Live. Great job. You continue to go for it. Proud of your work and look forward to meeting you. Steven Spielberg.”

There are two major takeaways from this story: One, it’s fun to picture a bored Steven Spielberg sitting in his mansion some Saturday morning, stumbling across the second half The Rundown on TBS, and being like, “Hey, this is pretty decent,” like any other schlub. And two, I know there are rumors floating around about an Indiana Jones reboot starring Chris Pratt, but come on. Come on. Let The Rock play Indiana Jones, Steven. We’ll all agree to forgive you for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We promise.

(Via Esquire)