Studio Ghibli’s ‘The Red Turtle’ Is So Very Studio Ghibli

There is something magical about Studio Ghibli’s films. Each one is unique in its own way and highlights the beauty, whimsy and horror of life and the human spirit. While films like My Neighbor Totoro and The Cat Returns may have been a bit whimsical at times, they were contrasted by epics like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. On the other side of the spectrum are the more serious entries into their lexicon, such as the heart-wrenching Grave of Fireflies or Ponyo. Their films have all been labeled as instant classics in their own way.

The latest offering from Studio Ghibli looks to be no different. The Red Turtle is the latest film from a Studio Ghibli associated studio and will be an animated feature film with no dialogue. Thus far there is a release date of June 2016 for The Red Turtle in France and September 2016 in Japan, nothing for the rest of the world just yet, but honestly, there is no dialogue so it’s not like you’d have to worry about a language barrier or anything. The film is produced by Why Not Productions and the Wild Bunch in association with Studio Ghibli, meaning that it’s not really 100% exactly a Studio Ghibli movie, but we’ll let that slide for now because it definitely captures the look and feel that we’ve come to associate with the studio.

(via Studio Ghibli France)