‘Suicide Squad’ Character Portraits May Hint At Who Survives

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad doesn’t open until August 5, but Warner is already banking on it being a hit and are developing a sequel and spin-offs for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and possibly others. But not everybody’s getting a sequel. Chances are, at least one member’s not getting out of the first mission alive. They don’t call it a “Suicide Squad” for nothing.

With Warner pushing forward with their marketing — including the first TV spot and a second, Joker-focused TV spot — we’re seeing a set of character portraits missing two key members of the team: Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Slipknot (Adam Beach). [UPDATE: Pictures of those two now available below.] We already assumed Slipknot wouldn’t make it, which has been frequently rumored. In the comics, Captain Boomerang suggests the bombs strapped to them may be fake, so Slipknot tests that theory by making a run for it. Big bada-boom. Slipknot wasn’t seen in many scenes in the trailers, fueling death rumors.

Then again, Enchantress wasn’t with the Squad for much of the footage, either, but that may be because she’s rumored to be the real main villain. Or perhaps she was just busy cavorting naked in a forest or flashing people in a parking lot. Wait, no, that was Cara Delevingne, not Enchantress.

As for the characters we can assume will stick around awhile, the new pictures focus on Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Joker, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, Killer Croc, Katana, Rick Flag, and Amanda Waller. It was nice of them to put everyone in front of a plain backdrop so they can easily be photoshopped into appropriate settings…

There. That’s better.

Here are all the new character portraits from Warner, if you’d like to photoshop them into your wedding album or anything:

UPDATE: And now, here are the pictures for Diablo and Slipknot after all (whoopsiedoodle), courtesy of The Evil Twin and Comics Alliance.

(Via Movieweb)