Two ‘Suicide Squad’ Deleted Scenes Feature A Vexing Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad is out on “Extended Cut” digital HD today with thirteen minutes of deleted scenes, which jibes with director David Ayer’s claim that there were about ten minutes of deleted scenes. (So much for that R-rated spin-off Jared Leto talked about). We’ve already seen the featurettes about Jared Leto’s method acting and Margot Robbie working around it, but now we have some full scenes to check out.

In the clip above, Harley Quinn has a flashback about when she was still Dr. Harleen Quinzel, mounting a motorcycle to chase down The Joker, forcing him to stop his purple Infiniti G35 and listen to her insist that he can’t leave her. These are not #RelationshipGoals.

In the clip below, Harley continues to push buttons, this time trying to vex Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) while Deadshot (Will Smith) looks on, shaking his head. It turns out the best way to avoid being eaten by Killer Croc is to be so crazy he’s scared of catching it. But you know what they say about the crazy ones.

The Suicide Squad extended cut arrives on digital HD today and on Blu-ray this December 13th.

(Via Comic Book Movie [1, 2] and Entertainment Weekly)

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