Harley Quinn And Joker Come Together In A ‘Suicide Squad’ Behind The Scenes Video

Suicide Squad will release its “Extended Cut” on digital HD this Tuesday and on Blu-ray December 13th. To promote the digital download, they’ve been releasing behind the scenes videos like this previous one about Jared Leto method acting the Joker (so edgy). The new video sees Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) talking about her scenes with Leto, many of which were cut because they were (according to Leto) too insane or because they were (according to Robbie) not the main story line.

Says Comics Alliance:

Leto and Robbie had not spent any time in rehearsal together, imbuing the scenes with a kind of nervous uncertainty that definitely comes across in the movie. Leto is doing his method actor thing while Robbie is trying to react as much as act; it’s an interesting collision of the two styles, and it just increases my appreciation for Robbie’s performance given what she had to work with.

That’s definitely a very different set up than the rest of the cast. As Robbie explains, her scenes with the rest of the “skwad” were heavily rehearsed, bringing them closer together. Director David Ayer has said those rehearsals involved a lot of opening up about their personal lives and having them punch each other because it “gets rid of a lot of the actor stuff.” Joel Kinnaman said there were a full month of rehearsals. That’s a lot of confessions and punching. Probably still less weird than doing an unrehearsed scene with Jared Leto going full method, though.

(Via Comics Alliance)

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