Here’s How ‘Suicide Squad’ Should Have Ended

The video above contains spoilers for Suicide Squad.

How It Should Have Ended returns with another alternate version of a blockbuster movie, and this time Suicide Squad, a movie with plenty of alternate versions of its own (including a new “Extended Cut” edition), is getting the remix. As usual, they point out how easily many characters probably could have died (and how one character probably should have survived). They also changed the text on Deadshot’s turtleneck to “Get Jiggy With It” instead of “I am the light, the way” which makes a lot more sense if you ask me.

They also point out some of the absurd ways the film unnecessarily promised more than it delivered, like this exchange:

“I would advise not getting killed by Katana. Her sword traps the souls of its victims.”

“Ooo, that sounds exciting. Do you think we’ll get to see that happen?”


“Why did you even bring that up, man?”

“I dunno.”

Also, I appreciate that there was more footage of edgelord Joker in this video than in the movie itself. Well, “appreciated” may be too strong of a word. “Less disappointed.” That’s what I meant.

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(Via How It Should Have Ended)