‘Suicide Squad’: Here’s A Picture Of Jared Leto Going Full ‘Killing Joke’ As The Joker

Earlier today we posted the cast photo from the first Suicide Squad table read in Toronto and did a rundown of who’s who and who they’re playing. Jared Leto (The Joker) wasn’t in the photo, so we of course asked, “Did Jared Leto take the picture?” Now director David Ayer has gone with an obligatory The Killing Joke reference and tweeted the photo above, giving us our first look at Leto’s bleached hair tinted green, finally.

We see what you did there, Ayer.

We’ve also experienced a brief moment of the voice Leto may be using for the Joker, and now a second video has surfaced (via CBM) of Leto responding to a heckler during a European tour with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. When he moves from telling the heckler to shut up and escalates to a jocular death threat, we could have sworn we heard a little Joker in there. Love that Joker.