Margot Robbie Shared A Picture Of Herself As Harley Quinn From The ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

Margot Robbie just celebrated her 25th birthday while in costume as Harley Quinn on the set of Suicide Squad. She was gifted with an impressive cake topped with edible versions of classic Harley Quinn comic book covers.

The picture also comes with a fun little Easter egg which may not have been intentional. Check out the background:

It says “soul remover” and shows an animal holding a detonator, a reference to the bombs implanted in each Suicide Squad member, bombs which will detonate if they try to escape before their mission is completed.

Anyway, this is just a fun picture. Cool way to celebrate a birthday, and no one should get jealous about not getting a cake on their birthday. Harley gets cake.

(Via Margot Robbie on Instagram)