Rotten Tomatoes Treatment Of ‘Suicide Squad’ Inspires A More Hilarious Reaction For ‘Nine Lives’

The reviews for Suicide Squad were pretty brutal, almost guaranteeing that the reaction from fans and viewers would be equal in their disagreement. That’s why a joke petition aiming to take down Rotten Tomatoes soon turned into a real thing for some fans, complete with a mix of derision from other commenters and critics who signed up just to lecture folks. The opinion of another person shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of a film so much, but there are going to be exceptions out there. Suicide Squad probably earned the brunt of its criticism, despite being a fun romp through the early 2000s, but the reaction to those critics has led to another film getting a second chance this weekend.

Nine Lives, as Vince noted, wasn’t screened for critics and was also decimated by Rotten Tomatoes following its release. Taking a cue or two from the Suicide Squad petition, the account 9 Lives, No Critics (@Occupy_9Lives) has sprouted and gave a voice to the voiceless.

The entire account seems to take the real and fake parts of the Suicide Squad petition, turn them up to 11 or 12, and then unleash them onto the internet for all to enjoy. So far we’ve seen an attempt to get a note to President Obama so something can finally be done about all these nasty critics out there:

And even a push for Nine LIves to get the Criterion treatment as soon as possible. If Armageddon can get the Criterion treatment, I say why not. Kevin Spacey wouldn’t do a talking cat movie without having some sort of feel for its quality:

Now the tone here is tongue firmly planted in cheek, but there are some out there who actually enjoy Nine Lives and would love to see this push achieve success. Blair Witch screenwriter Simon Barrett penned a loving defense of the film over at The Talkhouse, pointing out that it may be “the most important movie opening on this or any other weekend”:

“I really, really liked this movie,” he notes. “I know it sounds like I’m poking fun at it, but I’m pretty sure I’m not, because ‘Nine Lives’ is absolutely in on the joke. It knows that all of these talking animal movies, many of which I have seen, are completely insane, and leans into the insanity. The writers clearly took the film’s ridiculous premise and ran with it in various wonderfully clever directions. It’s relentlessly paced, thoroughly entertaining and actually very funny.”

He even pulls Donald Trump into the mix, noting that Spacey’s character is like a nicer version of Donald Trump that is tossed into a cat’s body. I have no way of verifying if that is the honest truth, but I know I would much rather see Donald Trump in a talking cat movie than as a candidate for president. And that has nothing to do with his politics.

If anything, perusing the 9 Lives, No Critics account is worth your time. It’s good for a laugh to close out the weekend or to clean the taste out of your mouth after seeing Suicide Squad. That’s going purely off the reviews, of course.

(Via The Talkhouse / Daily Dot)