‘Suicide Squad’ Set Video Shows A Familiar Character Take On The Joker

As Suicide Squad films in Toronto, Canada, fans have been crowding on public walkways to snap photos and take videos, and we can’t get enough of it. Spoilers? Probably. But we still love it. We already saw Harley and Joker arguing next to Joker’s tricked-out purple Infiniti G35 with a vanity plate reading “HAHAHA,” which raises so many questions about Joker filling out DMV forms.

We’ve also seen a video of the Batmobile pursuing Joker’s car, which confirmed the rumors about Ben Affleck’s Batman showing up in Suicide Squad. Now two more set videos taken last night show just how much skin Batman is putting into this pursuit, as Affleck’s stunt double is seen riding atop Joker’s car. This will surely end well.

In addition to those two videos, this less action-packed one shows both Joker and Harley inside the vehicle.