This Stupidly Lucky Canadian News Crew Toured The ‘Suicide Squad’ Toronto Set

The Toronto set for David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad film is a very, very busy place these days. Between Batman’s Ben Affleck’s secretive visit (but not really) last week, and Joel Kinnaman’s boo boo on Tuesday, the writer/director must have his hands full. Oh yeah, there’s also the fact that — this being a big comic book movie and all — fans, the press, and the paparazzi are already stalking the shoot.

So color me surprised when I found out that Toronto’s own CityNews team was granted access to the set for a single day and night of shooting. Of course, they weren’t given any new details, but it’s hard not to be friendly with reporter Brad Smith. As Ayer says during their brief interview:

Canadians are very well known for the friendliness, so that definitely helps. I couldn’t imagine doing something like this in some of our harder-edged American cities.

Yes, because that’s totally what Deadshot does in his off time — fraternize with the locals while buying coffee for the gang at Tim Hortons. Out of the whole bunch, who do you think has the most complicated, Starbucks-inspired order?

(Via CityNews)