‘Suicide Squad’ Releases A New Trailer Befitting This Willennium

Suicide Squad now has a Deadshot-centric trailer for this, the 16th year of our Willennium. The sharp-shooting assassin is played by Will Smith, who says he took the role so he could finally play a bad guy. Considering this trailer and the Amanda Waller-focused trailer earlier this week, along with all the Day-Glo character vignettes, we can probably expect more full-length character trailers leading up to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

That seems to be the plan anyway, with Warner reportedly shifting strategy following Batman V Superman‘s lower-than-expected profit margins, hoping their highly-anticipated Suicide Squad will be a hit (and throwing more money into it). The gamble seems to have paid off; Suicide Squad is tracking to have an enormous opening weekend. The first Suicide Squad trailer released last year at this time and became the most watched Comic-Con trailer of 2015, so it’s no wonder Warner is looking to capitalize on this year’s Comic-Con.

This new trailer (above) features Floyd Lawton — er, we mean Deadshot — getting salty with a Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary guard played by Ike Barinholtz. Don’t call him Floyd.


From there, it goes on to show his tense partnership with Rick Flag in trying to keep the squad under control with the minimum amount of bro hugs. Herding these cats seems like a perplexing job…

We will never not use this photo.

(Via Warner Bros. Pictures and ONTD)