Dig Deeper Into The New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer With These Things You May Have Missed

Entertainment Editor
04.12.16 6 Comments

Video contains spoilers for Batman V Superman.

The newest “blitz” trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad premiered on Sunday, and we’ve already made our speculations about it. Now Mr. Sunday Movies — whom you may know from his deep dives into the last Captain America: Civil War trailer and a previous Suicide Squad trailer — is also expounding on the little details in the new video.

Among the details he noticed are Deadshot’s rifle inscribed with “I am the light” (similar to the collar of his shirt) — suggesting this is the version of Deadshot who only kills bad people — Harley Quinn’s gun inscribed with both Love and Hate (pfft, this gun is confused and thinks it’s knuckle tats, you guys), and a Batman: Endgame-looking Joker’s dealings with Common’s character, whom Common already revealed is Monster T.

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