The Women Of ‘Suicide Squad’ Went To Some Drastic Measures To Get Into Character

The concept of method acting has been around for a long time now, with some recent, well-known method actors including the likes of Christian Bale, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Daniel-Day Lewis, Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga and yes, even Suicide Squad‘s own Jared Leto. When people think of Suicide Squad and method acting, they think about Jared Leto and how he apparently terrorized the cast and crew as the Joker. The thing is, sometimes you don’t have to go full method to get into the skin and mind of a character.

OuterPlaces breaks down how the ladies of Suicide Squad got into their rather difficult roles for the film, which definitely takes a page out of the method playbook without being like Jared Leto and walking up to strangers to practice his Joker laugh. Margot Robbie had the difficult task of playing what will most-likely be the role, outside of the Joker, that will be raked over with a fine-toothed comb by fans in Harley Quinn. She talks about David Ayer pushing her in the role, trying to keep her grounded in the fact that she is a villain, but also supposed to be crazy, strong and a bad-ass, all while remaining strangely likable.

Cara Delevingne on the other hand, well, things were a little bit crazier for her playing Enchantress. Playing a strong sorceress with nearly-unlimited magical powers was a tough task and what she did to prepare was pretty crazy sounding.

David asked me to go into a forest under a full moon and take my clothes off to feel what nature felt like, to feel what it felt like to be an animal…And I did. It didn’t sound that weird to me.

The other women didn’t have to go to such lengths to get into character, with Karen Fukuhara channeling her knowledge of the samurai spirit to play Katana, while Viola Davis wore her afro and really dove into Amanda Waller’s biography to get a feel for the character. It’ll be very interesting to see the end result on August 5 when it opens across the United States in theaters.

(Via OuterPlaces)