Henry Cavill Says Superman Won’t Be In ‘Suicide Squad,’ But He’s Game For A Sequel

There are going to be a whole helluva lot of characters in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Suicide Squad, including some cameos from some DC Universe bigwigs like Batman, and possibly Lex Luthor. But what about Superman? It wouldn’t be a true DC Comics party without ol’ Big Blue flying around, right?

Well, Metro caught up with cinematic Superman Henry Cavill, and asked him whether he’d be making a cameo in Suicide Squad, and his response was a surprisingly definitive “no.” Well, okay then, case closed. But what about future Suicide Squad movies? When asked whether he’d be in a Suicide Squad sequel, Cavill responded with a more hopeful, “I might be!”

I’m sure Warner Bros. would love to have Superman in Suicide Squad, because they’re definitely taking a more-the-merrier approach with the film. The fact that Supes isn’t included is probably a contractual thing. Warner Bros. currently has Henry Cavill signed up to a three-movie deal, so anything beyond Batman v Superman, and Justice League Parts One and Two would mean drawing up new paperwork, and probably shelling out a lot more cash. So, I guess Suicide Squad will just have to make due with a mere dozen-or-so title characters.

via Metro