Say Sayonara With The 100 Greatest One-Liners To Use Before The Kill

If you think the answer to the question “How best to begin a montage of movie one-liners given before the kill?” is Randy Quaid‘s final bow in Independence Day, then you’ll like YouTube user Burger Fiction‘s mashup of the 100 greatest lines given in such cinematic situations. Let’s be honest, folks — Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stellar work in Commando notwithstanding — Russell Casse’s (Quaid) “Hello, boys. I’m back!” is one of the greatest faux greetings in the history of film. Why not celebrate it?

That’s precisely what Burger Fiction does with “100 Greatest One-Liners: Before The Kill” above. The nearly 13-minute collection of cheesy goodness features the best writings and improvisations of screenwriters and performers in genres as diverse as action, drama, science fiction and Chuck Norris. Hell, even the captain’s final face off with the ship’s autopilot in Disney’s WALL·E makes an appearance. A kid’s movie… with a one-liner “before the kill.”

However, it should be noted that another feasible beginning for Burger Fiction’s YouTube clip could have been anything from Clint Eastwood‘s repertoire. The actor’s name also could have sufficed for the title, or at least a subtitle, as many of his canon’s kills and accompanying one-liners made it into the final cut. So maybe something like “Clint Eastwood: Clint Eastwood.” Basically the same thing, no?