This Incredibly Depressing Supercut Shows What It Would Be Like If Pixar Movies Ended At The Sad Part

There’s so much to love about a Pixar movie. They’ve got great animations, cool story concepts and usually A-list celebrities voicing the characters. Another thing all Pixar movies have in common: the ability to completely rip you to shreds emotionally. We now have the video to prove it.

Wonderful YouTube user Chris Huebs uploaded a video this week that takes some of the most famous Pixar films and alters their endings. Apparently, it’s not enough for Huebs that Marlin lost his son in Finding Nemo or Jesse got left by the side of the road in Toy Story, he wants to drive the final nail in our coffin of feels by creating this supercut that imagines what a few of the animated films would’ve looked like had they ended on their saddest moment.

Thankfully, the video doesn’t include every Pixar movie — UP‘s not on the list and your tear ducts are probably better for it, that film will literally rip your heart out — but Inside Out is because, well duh … it’s a movie about emotions.

Some of these endings are actually funny, mostly because, though the scenes are incredibly sad, the closing music is a bit more cheery (Pixar knew what they were doing by ending on a happy note). But if, like us, you intentionally blocked out Riley’s adorable imaginary friend Bing Bong’s gut-wrenching sacrifice in Inside Out, watching it all over again might bring back some painful memories.

Thanks internet.

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