Sweden Just Rated ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Suitable For All Ages

For its opening weekend, Magic Mike XXL enjoyed a 96% female audience, but now they are going after an even wider demographic: kids. In the US, you have to have lived 18 Magic-free years in order to purchase tickets to Magic Mike XXL. However, Sweden has declared it abs season for all and given the film an “appropriate for all ages” rating.

Needless to say, star Channing Tatum is surprised, yet delighted:

“Absolutely incredible, but also just right. Sex is of course something that is natural, unlike violence, and therefore it should be easier to see films dealing with sexuality than movies with scenes of violence.”

Co-star Joe Manganiello is only slightly less enthusiastic:

“Well, not for small children. From 11 years is perhaps more appropriate.”

As a stark contrast, Magic Mike XXL‘s US rating is R for “for strong sexual content, pervasive language, some nudity and drug use.” Meanwhile, violent films like Expendables 3 squeak by with a PG-13 rating. Bone-crunching vigilantism gets a free pass, but god forbid people are exposed to Channing Tatum’s sexy moves.

(Via THRSvenska Dagbladet and Mic)