Sylvester Stallone Was Once Arrested For Throwing A Chicken At Someone

Sylvester Stallone doesn’t have much in common with his character Rocky. One’s from New York, the other Philadelphia; one played polo with his father, the other is a boxer; one starred in a porno, the other did not. But they’re very similar in one regard: Stallone and Rocky have an affinity for chickens.

Specifically, picking them up. In Rocky II, Mickey makes the Italian Stallion chase a chicken, a scene that was updated, with Rocky as Mickey and Apollo Creed’s son as Rocky, in last year’s wonderful Creed. Meanwhile, in real life, Stallone was once arrested for throwing a chicken at someone.

At a Grammys party in Los Angeles, Oscar contender Sylvester Stallone bumped into New York restaurateur Butch Yamali, who reminded the star that he used to work for Yamali’s dad at the Dover Deli on Manhattan’s East Side.

Spies said Stallone shot back, “How can I forget? I was arrested at your [bleeping] deli!”

It seems Sly was once cuffed by cops for “throwing a chicken in a customer’s face.” (Via)

Leonardo DiCaprio gets all the press for not having won any Oscars. But Stallone also hasn’t taken home an Academy Award (he’s 0-for-3), and he’s had a rough and tumble life where he’s had to throw poultry to get by. If you can catch a chicken, you should be able to catch an Oscar.

(Via Page Six)