Tara Reid’s Vines From The Set Of ‘Sharknado 3’ Are Everything You Could Ever Hope For

Tara Reid is already a bona fide master of social media when it comes to using Instagram, so now the Sharknado starlet has moved onto Vine to entertain us with her, uh, Tara Reidness. Judging by the first three videos she’s posted since joining on Wednesday, I think she’s off to a good start. Just a warning, the following videos contain bad yelling:

Don’t worry, there’s not a baby in there. I know this because Tara Reid posted pictures of herself in a bikini as recently as last month, and there was definitely no bump action going on. On the contrary (SPOILER ALERT), it looks like Tara Reid’s character is actually going to be pregnant in the upcoming Sharknado 3, which you can also see in this photo from the first day of shooting. If she doesn’t end up giving birth to a half-human half-shark hybrid baby, I swear to God I will never watch a Sharknado ever again*

* An obvious lie; I will watch Sharknados as long as they keep making Sharknados.

(Via EOnline)