Tara Reid’s Night Of Shirtless Bowling Got A Blue Cross Executive Fired

Tara Reid has starred in a lot of garbage over the years, but at least she has The Big Lebowski (and the vastly underrated Josie and the Pussycats) on her résumé, which is more than most actors can say. It’s fair to assume that after eight-consecutive direct-to-video movies, she may have forgotten she was in the Coen brothers classic, but she referenced her role as Bunny Lebowski in January, when she went to a bowling alley and Instagrammed “#bunnylebowski just got a strike.” That bit of harmless nostalgia came at a huge cost, though… someone’s job.

Blue Shield of California fired a top executive [Aaron Kaufman] last month after he spent more than $100,000 on his corporate credit card, the company says, including on trips with girlfriend and Sharknado actress Tara Reid. (Via)

Sharknado actress Tara Reid.” My favorite combination of words in the English language.

Blue Shield cited numerous examples of Kaufman’s extravagant spending, some of which came to light after an employee event involving Reid at a San Francisco bowling alley.

Some of the expenses cited by Blue Shield included $17,491 that Kaufman spent on a Florida vacation to see Reid. He also spent $832 for one night at the W hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with Reid on Jan. 21, according to the company. Three weeks later, he ran up a corporate tab of $1,382 on drinks at the Warwick, a Hollywood nightclub. (Via)

Nearly $900 was charged to Blue Shield for the night he and Reid went bowling, which is also how much she’s earned to make for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

(Via the Los Angeles Times)