Texans Will Now Celebrate Chris Kyle Day On February 2nd To Commemorate The ‘American Sniper’ Hero

Regardless of whether you enjoyed American Sniper or thought it was nothing but a bunch of war-mongering propaganda, the film has made a lot of money. It’s also, as many often forget, a fictionalized portrayal of the life and actions of a real human being. Bearing these bits in mind, the state of Texas has decided to set aside one calendar day a year to celebrate Chris Kyle and commemorate his service.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced the Feb. 2 dedication during a speech to veterans made at Texans Veterans of Foreign Affairs, according to prepared remarks published on the governor’s official website.

“I wanted you to be the first to know…in honor of a Texas son, a Navy SEAL and an American hero — a man who defended his brothers and sisters in arms on and off the battlefield — I am declaring February 2 Chris Kyle Day in Texas,” Abbott stated in the address.

“We will commemorate his passing. But more importantly, remember his answering of the call of duty,” Abbot stated. (Via THR)

Kyle and a friend were killed on February 2, 2013 by a fellow veteran at a gun range in Texas. He’d taken the man out to the range in an effort to help him contend with what were initially believed to be symptoms of PTSD. Now with Chris Kyle Day on the calendar, Texans have another holiday to look forward to besides Presidents’ Day in late February.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)